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Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spotlight

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Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot

There are many LED spotlights on the market, but most of them have a conventional power supply. The Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot takes a different approach. It works with USB power. This makes it possible to use this spotlight for example with a powerbank. Complete solutions with built-in rechargeable battery often cost many times over. We have taken a closer look at the spotlight.


The Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot has six RGB LEDs, which can illuminate with a total power of 5 watts. The housing is built in a flat design, with a depth of 5 cm and a diameter of 16 cm the spotlight is relatively compact.

The housing is completely made of plastic, this also applies to the stand bracket. The plastic is not of a particularly high quality, but it does serve its purpose.

With a weight of almost 300 grams, it is also very light due to the materials used.

The scope of delivery includes everything needed to operate the emitter. This includes a power supply unit with USB connection, a USB-A to Micro-USB cable and a remote control.

The remote control plays a central role here, because only with it it is possible to set specific colors or modes. Without the connection, the only settings that can be made on the device itself are whether the spotlight should be switched on or off, and whether it should automatically change colours or do this after sound using the built-in microphone.

The remote control of the Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot

A control via the control protocol DMX is not foreseen. This makes the spotlight a good stand-alone solution, but in combination with other illuminants or lamps it shows clear weaknesses.

Advantages of USB

The only thing that makes this spotlight special is the fact that the power supply runs over a USB cable. The fact that a power supply unit and a cable are nevertheless included can only be praised. The USB power supply makes it possible to use the spotlight for example with a battery pack. Thus, it would be the cheapest way to operate a LED RGB spotlight with a battery. There are lamps that have a battery directly integrated. But these often cost a multiple of what Eurolite wants to have for the Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot.

DJs and event organizers, who often have to adapt spontaneously to different spatial conditions, know the problem: Often meter-long cables have to be laid through rooms in order to be able to place a lamp at any corner. If, for example, the lamp is only supposed to illuminate something, or to provide permanent light in a corner, the Eurolite Spot can save a lot of effort.

The only limit is basically the brightness, although this is also surprisingly strong for 5 watts of power. So it is definitely not the case that you buy a dark lamp here. For ambient lighting the light is definitely sufficient.

Thanks to the 5 watts of power, almost any other USB power supply can be used at the same time, and you don’t have to worry about the choice of the battery pack. 5 watts should be the minimum that an appropriate device can provide. How long the power lasts with a battery pack depends of course on various factors. The decisive factor is of course the size of the battery, the bigger the battery, the longer the runtime of course. But also factors like the choice of color can play a role, if you use mixed colors over long periods of time, i.e. colors that are generated from two different LEDs, this of course needs more current than one main color.

Conclusion on the Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot

The Eurolite LED PK-3 USB TCL Spot offers good light, a remote control and the possibility to be flexible with power thanks to the USB power supply. For the performance the brightness is much better than you would expect. Unfortunately the housing is not of such a high quality, but for a price of around 25 € you can’t complain.

Whoever wants to have a cheap lamp for the operation with a rechargeable battery is definitely right here. This lamp is predestined for ambience and background lighting.

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